2008 California Institute of the Arts
             Master of Fine Arts Degree, Graphic Design
2002 Washington University in St. Louis
             Bachelor of Arts Degree, Magna Cum Laude

Work Experience
             Art Director
             Deca TV, Santa Monica, CA
2005 -2009
Freelance Design and Art Direction
             Studios & clients including: Prologue Films, The_Groop, CalArts
             Columbia University, The Girl Scout Council of Greater New York

             Girl Scout Council of Greater NY
             Membership Specialist
  International Center of Photography, NY
             Exhibitions Intern

Selected Exhibitions
2011 The Library of Sacred Technologies /// The Church of Public Fiction, Highland Park, CA
             The Manana Show /// Chime and Co, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Jewish Ritual: Rethinking, Renewed // American Jewish University , Los Angeles, CA
             Memory and Transformation /// Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Fresh Voices in Contemporary Jewish Art // Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Facing East, Walking West /// Valencia, CA
             CalArts Poster Show /// York University, Toronto
             This is the Other Venice /// Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA

2007 It Could be Anything /// Valencia, CA

             Mapping the Apocalypse Part 1 /// Valencia, CA
             Lights, Camera, Actions /// LACE, Los Angeles, CA

             Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions /// Valencia, CA
             AIR 7th Biennial curated by Connie Butler /// AIR Gallery, NY
2006 We Made This /// Valencia, CA
2005 Body Blend /// Dixon Place, New York, NY
2004 Generations /// AIR Gallery, New York, NY

Teaching Experience
2009-2011 Senior Lecturer
             Visual Communications Learning Lab, Otis College of Art and Design
2007-2008 Teaching Assistant for Lorraine Wild
             Historical Survey of Graphic Design, CalArts
2007 Teaching Assistant for Tracey Hopcus and Lara Bank
             Digital Media, California State Summer School for the Arts
2006-2007 Teaching Assistant for Tom Bland and Shelley Stepp
             Mac for Designers (Required First-Year Course), CalArts

2011 Jewish New Media Innovation Fund
2010 Natan Fund - Emergent Models of Peoplehood Grant
2008 ROI120 Seed Fund Grant
2007 CalArts Special Projects Fund Grant
             Harry Stein Memorial Scholarship
2006 Ahmanson Scholarship
2005 CalArts Scholarship
             Ahmanson Grant

2008 Option Shift Control, NC State Graduate Symposium

2011'Why Is Your Haggadah Different from Others?' Jay Michaelson, Jewish Daily Forward, April 06, 2011
            Made-to-order liberation stories Raphael Ahren, Ha'aretz, April 08, 2011
            Choose Your Own Haggadah Joshua Hamerman, Jerusalem Post, March 31, 2011
2007 Who Are the Semionauts? Monika Parrinder,
             Showing Our Roots: Has Feminism Become Just Another “Ism”? Christine Wertheim, CalArts Magazine, Summer/Fall 2007